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Photographer in Annapolis, MD

I’m Alex and I’m feeling grateful, excited and eager all at the same time. Why? Because you’re here, reading this page and thinking about taking photos with me as your photographer.

I’ll start by sharing a few of the things that guide me as a photographer in Annapolis, MD and beyond.

& make yourself at home!

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The essentials of what I do

As you may have seen over on my home page, I’m all about making you happy with photos that depict you for who you are. Every time a mom or bride texts me after receiving her photos, my heart just swells with joy. It never gets old, and it inspires me to continue on this exciting path as an Annapolis photographer.

I believe in candid photography that documents moments. That means creating an experience that allows you and your family to relax and exist in the moment. I’ll take the portraits that grandma and grandpa would love, but I’ll also photograph the in-between moments as you laugh and interact with one another. These are the photos that ultimately reflect your family’s true personalities.

I use natural light and a colorful editing style to create photos that look true to life with a bit of a modern polish. 

I’m patient and caring, willing to work with family members who might cry or pout, even if it takes a small bribe or a little tickle to bring that smile out.

Above all, I’m committed to you and your moments — ones that will warm your heart for years to come as you look back on these sweet, goodness-filled photos.

about me

I love being a photographer here in Annapolis, MD. I am married with two boys, ages two and four, and we have a sweetie pie, six-year-old English Bulldog named Bowser!

I’m going to guess that we have at least one thing in common, among the below!

I love experiences, whether it’s spending time with my family or saving up my pennies for a fancy restaurant or dream vacation.

My kids mean everything to me. I love spending time with them. When I see my them choose kindness, it makes my heart sing. I feel like raising them to be good people is one of the biggest impacts I will be able to have on this world.

I adore being outside. The ocean is probably my favorite place to be, but I love hiking, leisurely bike riding, picnicking, pool day-ing, taking walks, gardening, boating, drinking wine with friends, taking photos, etc.

I drink a latte every morning (it’s my one little indulgence).

I love to cook and eat! I actually cook almost every day. Part of why I love to travel is that I love to eat and try new foods that I can replicate at home!

My favorite color is pink!

I’m from Annapolis so I know all of the great spots in town! I can point you to the best spot for dinner after your engagement session, or a well-deserved treat after family portraits.   

I love music. Whether I’m editing photos, cooking up a travel-inspired recipe in the kitchen, or relaxing on the beach, you’ll find me listening to everything and anything on Spotify.  

My journey to becoming a photographer in Annapolis, MD

I received my B.A. in Communications (Public Relations and Journalism) from Penn State. 

I always loved taking photos, but I took photojournalism during an extra semester at PSU. It was there that I learned to manually operate a camera and I officially became addicted to the craft.

While dating, my husband bought me my first DSLR and I started incorporating my love of photography into my 9-5 life as an event planner (as well as a brief stint in wholesale operations and jewelry design). I planned styled shoots for jewelry catalogs and restaurants, and captured unique event details.

Fast forward a few years (and a couple of kids) later and I’ve realized just how much I love capturing life’s little moments. I’ve had the opportunity to photograph so many beautiful families and weddings. It’s my happy place!





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